I'm a mother of a beautiful baby girl, my blog is just my personal style and taste and basiclly about my life feel free to follow i do follow back..only legit blogs relating to mine :)
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Been seeing this trending a bit on Tumblr today. 6 of my favourite selfies from this year. #selfies2014

You can see how much my style changes all the time. I just dress however I feel tbh.



Let us not forget one of the most important things about the Universal Monsters era: The Creature From The Black Lagoon was created by a woman, Milicent Patrick.

Nearly unheard of at the time, ms Patrick is responsible for creating one of the single most recognizable characters, not only in Universal history but in all of film history. She was an incredible talent and she should be honored as such.

Career goals

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If anxiety burned calories I’d be the skinniest bitch alive.
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